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DIGIGUARD Codes & Standards


    We strictly move based on our Codes and Standards. The following codes are the reference for DIGIGUARD designs, for any contradictions between US and UK based standards we refer to the project’s Local codes basis.

    LocalLocal indonesian building codes and civil defense codes.
    SNI 03-1726-2002Tata cara bangunan dan ketahanan gempa
    SNI 03-1735-2000Tata Cara Perencanaan Akses Bangunan dan Akses Lingkungan Untuk Pencegahan Bahaya Kebakaran Pada Bangunan Rumah dan Gedung.
    ASHRAEFundamentals of HVAC systems, equipment and air conditioning engineers.
    ASHRAE 62Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality
    NFPANational Fire Protection Agency
    NFPA 10Standard for the Installation of Portable
    Fire Extinguishers
    NFPA 13NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler
    NFPA 14NFPA 14 – Standard for the Installation of Standpipe
    and Hose Systems.
    NFPA 20Standard for the Installation of Stationary
    NFPA 101Safety to Life from Fire in Building and
    NFPA 90AInstallation of Air Conditioning and
    Ventilating Systems.
    NFPA 92ASmoke Control Systems
    BS EN 12101-6:200SSmoke Control Systems
    ARIAmerican Refrigeration Institute
    DW144Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork
    SMACNAStandards for ductworks
    IEERegulations for Electrical Equipment in
    NFPA 70National Electric Code
    NFPA 99Healthcare Facilities
    NFPA 101Life Safety Codes
    IECInternational Electro – technical Commission
    B.SBritish Standards
    B.S 76712008 requirements for Electrical
    EIA/TIATelecommunication Standards


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